Skate City QCA & Laser Tag Alley
Skate City QCA
1140 Avenue of the cities
(42nd Avenue)   
East Moline, IL 61244
(309) 755-5219        
                                              "Rolling fun for everyone!"
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1. What is your admission policy?  
Skate city Answer:  All individuals entering the facility MUST pay admission and wear skates, unless you are a parent or grandparent of a child skating.  We do not offer "In and Out" privileges.  Anyone leaving the building will have to pay again if you decided to re-enter.   Kids being dropped off: If you decide to leave the facility before session ends, arrange for your ride to pick you up at another location.  Do not come back to the rink to be picked up when session ends.  

2. What are your times and prices?
Skate City Answer:  Click on our sessions tab at the top, or call 309-755-5219 and press the number 1 for our times and prices. 

3. What forms of payment do you accept? 
Skate City Answer:  We accept Cash, Visa & Mastercard credit cards. We can also run your debit card as credit only, we cannot give cash back.

4. Where are you located?
Skate City Answer:  We are at 1140 Avenue of the Cities East Moline, IL 61244.  We are on the Avenue of the cities in the Prairie Park Plaza complex behind Fields of Pizza,  next to KFC, and directly across the Avenue from United Township High school.   Also Click our Directions tab at the top. 

5. I'm having a birthday party there, can I bring in a cake?  Also what else can I bring?  
Skate City Answer: YES!  We do allow you to bring ONLY a Birthday theme cake or cup cakes.  You can bring this whether you book a package with us or not.  HOWEVER, we do NOT allow ice cream or ice cream cakes in the facility.  WE DO NOT allow ANY other outside food or drinks!  We have a full snack bar and selling our food helps us stay in business!     The only other items we allow you to bring in are party related items. Such as presents, balloons, decorations, and goody bags. 

6. Why do you not allow gum? 
Skate City Answer: Gum tends to fall out of your mouth while out on the skate floor and it sticks to the wheels and our carpet.  It is very hard to remove and a hazard to other skaters who might trip over it.  Please have a mint instead!  Thank you!

7. Do you serve alcohol for the adults? 
Skate City Answer: We are very sorry, we do not serve alcohol.  

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